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Recently, the welding laboratory of Structural Parts Branch of NHI and New Northeast Electric Group (Shenyang) High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as New Northeast Electric) held a technical exchange meeting on "Thick Plate Aluminum Alloy Argon Arc Welding" in NHI.

New Northeast Electric has developed early in the production and welding of aluminum magnesium alloy, and has mastered a lot of production and manufacturing experience. The welding laboratory has accumulated rich experience in the production of key projects of the branch and trained a number of qualified welding technicians. Four people including Wang Zhigang, technical technician of New Northeast Electric, participated in the exchange meeting. Zhang Jianmin, deputy director and chief technical engineer of Structural Parts Branch, Lu Zhe, director of technical section, Zhang Shuhai, deputy director of technical section, and three welding technicians from the welding laboratory also participated in the exchange meeting. Both parties shared their practical experience on the influence of preheating temperature and working environment humidity on weld quality, the matching of welding current, voltage and welding speed, and the control of interpass temperature.