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Give play to the innovative role of head Enterprises Master the core technology in our own hands


"As the first heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise with a history of 100 years in China, NHI should firmly believe in taking the road of independent innovation and firmly grasp the initiative of development in its own hands on the journey to achieve the second century goal." On August 26, Zhang Bin, President of NHI said in an interview with reporters.

The General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping stressed:“ The Party Central Committee has implemented the innovation-driven development strategy, attaching extra importance to independent innovation, attaching extra importance to the construction of innovative environment, striving to promote our industrial level and strength, and promoting our transformation from an economic power country to an economic power country and a manufacturing power country. ” Zhang Bin said that the general secretary's important speech to enterprises pointed out the direction of progress and inspiring.

In recent years, through independent research and development, integrated innovation, industry university research and application    cooperation and other modes, NHI has actively explored the upgrading and transformation of "time-honored brands", expanded the market space of unattended and intelligent operation in the traditional advantage product large stacker and reclaimer, and achieved good economic benefits and scientific and technological achievements. In the field of tunnel tunneling, with years of technical accumulation, NHI has successfully developed the world's first walking coal mine tunnelling machine with main beam replacement, and its efficiency is dozens of times that of the traditional construction method. Through project tackling and technical cooperation, we have successively completed major breakthroughs in scientific and technological projects such as the localization of key components of screw vertical mill, ultra long belt conveyor and tunnel boring machine, successfully solved a number of "neck sticking" problems, and implemented the original mission of a big country with practical actions.

Talking about the future of the enterprise, Zhang Bin is full of confidence and hope: "in the future, we will keep in mind the general secretary's instructions, continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and craftsmanship, work hard on independent innovation and improving the construction of innovation environment, give play to the leading role of leading enterprises in innovation, strive to master the key core technologies in our hands, and take new actions and create new prospects for the revitalization and development of Shenyang, a heroic city."