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NHI: Complete self-repair of structure pretreatment line equipment


Recently, The good news from NHI Steel Construction Fabrication, the self-repair work of the structure pretreatment line equipment was successfully completed under the joint efforts of the production command center, the steel construction fabrication and the design and research institute, which not only revitalized the important equipment, but also saved the maintenance cost of more than 360 thousand Yuan .

In the process of using the pretreatment line equipment, it was found that there are many problems, such as vibration damage of the shot blasting device, large noise, deformation of the line of the shot blasting chamber, deformation of the box and deformation of the roller, which have a great impact on the production of structural parts. The North Heavy Industry Design and Research Institute is responsible for the design, the Steel Construction Fabrication is responsible for the implementation, and the production command center is responsible for coordinating and promoting the repair and transformation of the equipment. After many times of deliberation, the design and transformation scheme was determined. After working day and night, the work of changing the connection mode, replacing the line of the shot blasting chamber, strengthening the chamber and the roller were successfully completed. At present, the equipment runs smoothly and achieves the expected goal.