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NHI: New Generation of Spiral Vertical Mill Comes Out


A few days ago, at Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "NHI "), a truck loaded with large steel structure products started slowly and drove to Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, marking the birth of a new generation of spiral vertical mills in NHI.

The spiral vertical mill is a new product that replaces the traditional ball mill equipment in beneficiation plant. It is characterized by energy saving, high efficiency, small floor area, etc. It is an important production equipment for mining and metallurgical enterprises to focus on future development. Before 2018, the domestic equipment market of the same type was monopolized by foreign enterprises, which became a negative factor restricting the green transformation and development of many mining and metallurgical enterprises.

In order to open the market and break through the technical bottleneck, NHI overcame the difficulties, accumulated experience in designing and manufacturing process of spiral vertical mill, achieved new breakthroughs again and again, and successfully developed MLL1200 spiral vertical mill in 2018. According to Liu Gang, the chief designer of NHI, the new generation of spiral vertical mill is made on this basis, integrating modern technology and design concepts.

"The new generation of spiral vertical mill has adopted the lightweight design concept. Its overall weight has been reduced by more than 10% compared with previous generation, and its floor area has been further reduced. On this basis, it has maintained low energy consumption and large capacity. The innovation of the internal structure comes from the improvement of the skill level and detection means of our front-line employees, which creates favorable conditions for further improving the automation, information and intelligent transformation of products in the future." Liu Gang said.